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data sheet08

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08-09 Datasheet,PDF All Rights Reserved 2015 SF2162E (R) 8/19/16 Page 1 of 6 murata Pb Electrical Characteristics Characteristic Sym 1.CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION

Material Safety Data Sheet 08/06/2009 GE5040 Silicone Rubber Sealant Page 2/7 SUBCHRONIC (TARGET ORGAN ) Liver; Central nervous system CHRONIC EFFECTS / CARCINOGENICITY This product or one of its ingredients present at 0.1% or more is NOT listed as a carcinogen or suspected carcinogen by NTP,IARC,or OSHA.ROUTES OF EXPOSURE Dermal; Eyes 3.

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Microsoft Word - Form NMB 4 Personal Data Sheet08-31-2009 Author king Created Date 9/10/2009 8:14:12 PM

Automotive fully integrated H-bridge motor driver

2.2 Thermal data Table 5.Thermal data VESD Electrostatic discharge (Human body model R = 1.5 k ; C = 100 pF) INA,INB,PWM SEL0 CS VCC Output 2 2 2 4 4 kV VESD Charge device model (CDM-AEC-Q100-011) 750 V Tc Junction operating temperature -40 to 150 data sheet08#176;C TSTG Storage temperature -55 to 150 data sheet08#176;C Table 4.Absolute maximum ratings Belting Technical Data Sheets - Sparks BeltingTechnical Data; 3 Ply Wedge Grip .Avoid oils,greases and solvents.Treated carcass increases ply adhesion and decreases edge curl.Extra thick non-marking cover is very abrasion resistant.Soft criss cross ribs form diamond pattern.Used in Gypsum plants for board stacking application.

Cisco Webex Contact Center - Data Sheets - Cisco

Cisco Webex Contact Center 1.0 Data Sheet 09/Dec/2020 Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan Contact Center Data Sheet 01/Feb/2021 Cisco Webex Workforce Optimization Data Sheet 08/Jan/2021DICYCLOPENTADIENE Safety Data Sheet ENED0760Safety Data Sheet 08/02/2016 EN (English US) SDS ID ENED0760 2/8 P242 - Use only non-sparking tools P243 - Take precautionary measures against static discharge P260 - Do not breathe vapors P264 - Wash hands thoroughly after handling P270 - Do not eat,drink or smoke when using this product P271 - Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area

E4980A Precision LCR Meter 20 Hz to 2 MHz,E4980AL

09 Keysight E4980A Precision LCR Meter 20 Hz to 2 MHz,E4980AL Precision LCR Meter 20 Hz to 300 kHz/500 kHz/1 MHz Data Sheet 1.When the calculation result is a negativeENVIRONMENTAL DATA SHEETENVIRONMENTAL DATA SHEET (Certified Product Data Sheet) 08 00 [0358] Date of Preparation Mar 29,2020 PRODUCT NUMBER F63EC23 PRODUCT NAME POLANE data sheet08S+ UVR Polyurethane Coating (Part A),Orange MANUFACTURER'S NAME THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY 101 W.Prospect Avenue Cleveland,OH 44115

Knauf Integral GIFAfloor Sheet-panelled access floors

Raw material and production / Building biological data GIFAtec is produced by natural gypsum and a portion FGD-gypsum by admixturing of cellulose fibres made of sorted recycled paper and card-board.The natural gypsum is exploited in an area c.30 km around the factory in open-cast minings.The natural-chemical identical clean FGD gypsumLED modules LED linear / area Module CLE Shallow G2Data sheet 08/20-LED497-2 LED modules LED linear / area Module CLE Shallow G2 EXC Modules CLE excite 1,65 max.4,5 390 395,96 tc data sheet08#248;4,3(12x ) data sheet08#248;802 CLE Shallow G2 802mm 3800lm EXC (details see 3.4 Mounting instructions) tc 45 data sheet08#176; 3 0 data sheet08#248;822 data sheet08#248;898,3 data sheet08#248;1000 data sheet08#248;1082 data sheet08#248;4,3(3x) CLE Shallow G2 1082mm 1500lm EXC (details see 3.4 Mounting instructions

M12-Round-Plug Connector,Single-Ended Cordsets,

Housing / Molded body PUR,yellow RKT/RKWT 8-627 PUR,black Insert PUR,Yellow RKT/RKWT 8-627/727 PUR,orange Contacts CuSn,gold over nickel-platedMATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Page SimvastatinMATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET 08/26/2009 04/15/2010 08/26/2009 Revision Supercedes Revision Printed 04/20/2010 Cayman Chemical Company 1180 E.Ellsworth Rd.Ann Arbor,MI 48108 1.Product and Company Identification Product Code 10010344 Product Name Simvastatin Manufacturer Information Company Name Cayman Chemical Company


III.Physical Data Material is (at normal temperatures) Solid Liquid Appearance and Odor Battery Electrolyte (acid) is a clear to cloudy liquid with slight acidic odor.Acid saturated lead oxide is a dark reddish-brown to gray solid with slight acidic odor.Boiling Point (at 760 mm Hg) Lead 1755oC Batt.Electrolyte (Acid) 110-112oC Melting PointNew Defrix Oil No.1 Safety Data Sheet Industrial Sewing Click Here to download the safety data sheet for the New Defrix Oil No.1 Safety Data Sheet.


Golden Stallion Full Syn 5W-40 SP Data Sheet 08-12-20.pdf.Golden Stallion Full Syn 10W-30 SP GF-6A Data Sheet 07-19-20.pdf.Golden Stallion Gear Oil SAE-90 GL-4 Data Sheet 03-30-20.pdf.59b2f6bb13d9a.pdf.Golden Stallion Syn Blend 5W-20 SP GF-6A Data Sheet 07-22-20.pdf.Golden Stallion Syn Blend 5W-30 SP GF-6A Data Sheet 07-22-20.pdfProduct information GDM 2011 J schwarz/blackThe complete information and data were available on user documentation.Mandatory information can only be obtained by a concrete query.Rectangular Connectors GDM-Series GDM 2011 J schwarz/black B e Certain with B elden hirschmann Technical Support 1-717-217-2289 Data sheet 08/25/16

Safety Data Sheet 08-Nov-15

Safety Data Sheet Report Date 08-Nov-15 Page 3 of 5 Precautions for Safe Handling Prevent eating,drinking,tobacco use and cosmetic application in areas where there is a potential for exposure to the material.Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling.Conditions for Safe Storage Store locked up.Store the material in a well Site Review Child File Data Sheet - ArizonaSite Review Child File Data Sheet 08/08/2012 3 Indicator 2 Children and families receive all early intervention services in natural environments.Indicator and/or Related Requirements Yes No Guidance 1.Are all services on the IFSP provided in home

Specification Approval Sheet - Mark-10

Specification Approval Sheet Name Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery Model 10003 SPEC 8.4V (9V size) 200mAh LSD Cell File Number:/ Project / Approved By Checkup Make Andy / Haixia Bi 2016-7-13 /TITANIUM TETRACHLORIDE,99% Safety Data SheetSafety Data Sheet 08/31/2015 EN (English US) SDS ID INTI065 2/7 P403+P233 - Store in a well-ventilated place.Keep container tightly closed P405 - Store locked up P501 - Dispose of contents/container to licensed waste disposal facility.2.3.Other hazards Other hazards not contributing to the classification

Test the TPI Advantage

Data Sheet 06.12 716 Combustion Analyzer tpi-thevalueleader Features QUICK AND SIMPLE SET UP All TPI analyzers feature quick and simple set up.Fast purge and the ability to performfuel selectionduring start up enable tests to be performed quickly without requiring extra set-up time after initial startup.TPI analyzers also use the lastVRCZ4-M0Z - LevitonVoice,Data,Video Distribution Voice,Data,TV Panels Full Size Panels Compact Series Stand Alone Modules with Brackets Expansion Boards Voice,Data,Video Distribution TV Distribution Premium CATV Modules Passive TV Splitters and Brackets Networking Wallplates QuickPlate Wallplates

W2641A DisplayPort Test Point Access Adapter

Dec 01,2017 data sheet08#0183;N5990A Test automation software Data Sheet 5989-5483EN Infiniium 90000 X-Series oscilloscopes Data sheet 5990-5271EN 86100D Technical Specifications Data sheet 5990-5824EN Product Web site For the most up-to-date and complete application and product information,

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